Sunflower Bean Returns with “Moment in the Sun” Single and Video

Sunflower Bean Returns with “Moment in the Sun”


There are an infinite number of ways in which one could attempt to describe the year 2020. The adjective “lighthearted” would probably not be counted in that endeavor. But in times of condensed urgency, is it not the crucial function of the lighthearted to provide respite to us in our heaviness, to glow softly into darkness, to lift spirits, to stave off burnout?

With “Moment in the Sun,” Sunflower Bean gifts three bright, lighthearted minutes of relief to the year in the form of a dance-y new track with all the makings of an anthem. The New York City-based trio’s first offering since 2019’s attitude-infused King of the Dudes EP, the song is a stark departure from their usual, more intricate rock sound, but that’s not to say its upbeat simplicity is unwelcome.

“I don’t need money / I don’t need to be cool / I’d trade it for a moment in the sun with you,” intones frontwoman Julia Cumming in an earnest rejection of pretenses. In the accompanying music video shot in Upstate New York by Andy DeLuca and Sarah Eiseman during the band’s summer quarantine, Cumming goes about her day, indoors, alone, recalling sweet memories shared with her beau, played by actor Marquis Rodriguez, a real-life pal of Cumming’s. Common sensations, like being wrapped in a towel or touching a door handle, trigger specific scenes, cheery, saturated, and chiefly green. As visions from the past meld with reality, Cumming renounces the things she once thought she wanted, reprioritizing not bitterly but lovingly, and her innocent yearning for closeness could be yours or mine as her hand reaches through a sunroof, toward the sky of another time.

Out via Mom + Pop Music, “Moment in the Sun” is streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Bandcamp, etc.


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