Temples Live Rose Bar



The English rock band Temples just launched their tour October 26th. The night before, however, they held a small promotional set at the Rose Bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City.

As the four came on stage it was a blast from the past with a modern twist. They oozed that old school British Rock’N’Roll vibe. They wore all black, minus the lead singer James Edward Bagshaw’s shiny gold shoes and the drummer Samuel Tom’s graphic tee with ‘BOOM!’ in faded yellow letters. They wasted no time and immediately started playing their song “Mesmerise” from their debut album, Sun Structures, which got the crowd warmed up and ready for the rest of their set.

Of course, they played their hit “Certainty,” where the melody is jolly yet assertive, making you feel like a royal ass bitch living a complex and dramatic life but making the best of it. The entire set was played using two keyboards, drums, and several guitars. As the lead singer kept switching, towards the end of the set he brought out a sexy white Gretsch guitar with glittery gold edges outlining it and a small black eagle outline on the pick guard right below the strings.

“A Question Isn’t Answered” was the last song they delivered and was them definitely leaving with a bang, and leaving me with ringing in my ears due to the volume and intensity of their beautifully lengthy outro. As Bagshaw sang one verse of the harmonious melody he closed his eyes while one hand reached out towards the crowd, then the three guitarists broke out into a hard and heavy guitar riff.

As they walked off stage, Bagshaw threw his guitar pick into the sea of people who gave off the air that they were too cool to be there and let it drop. I being the only scrub, quickly dropped to my knees with my phone light on and found it lying on the floor between random shoes. The entire set was intimate and powerful. Temples shifted in tone, style and tempo- giving the crowd an acid rock set with rock breaks that hit hard enough to wake you up from the dream they themselves created.

Below is one of Temples’ biggest hits “Shelter Song” which they have performed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and The Ellen Degerenes Show.


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