Music and politics always go hand in hand and punk vets The Bouncing Souls are no different. What I love about their approach is that it almost always provides some humor. They definitely make a statement, and it’s sometimes sideways or even subtle but always hopeful. I spoke to singer Greg Attonito and he gave me an example of one such song- “Hey Aliens” off of their most recent release Simplicity.

“Hey Aliens” is about human beings calling out to aliens, “Can you come help us with all the greedy assholes that are ruining our world.”

In the interview video, Greg chimes in on this past election and tell us what he means when he says that the election results are society’s cancer calcifying. He also has some great news about what’s to come for The Bouncing Souls in 2017. One thing I can attest to is that this band is exactly like what you imagine. I chatted with some of the other band members in the green room while I was waiting for Greg and they are all so cool, down to earth and respectful. The initial interview started with Greg talking about how the band makes things work now that they are 10 albums and almost 30 years into their career. The green room at Irving Plaza unfortunately is a terrible place to record audio during soundcheck. I ended up scrapping that whole part because of this, and much like a punk song this Stories interview turned out short and sweet- but how fitting is that?

Everyone has to stand up for things that are really most important like kindness and human values.


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The Bouncing Souls


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