The Flux Machine Arlene's Grocery Highlark


The Flux Machine is a recently developed New York based band that has already made a lasting legacy on the music industry. Amassing a large crowd this Friday night at Arlene’s Grocery, one may wonder what it is about this group that is so amazingly attractive to listeners; upon the conclusion of the show, I had my answer. The 5 piece group is led by lead singer Luis Accorsi- an energetic and dynamic front man who performs with a stage presence that leaves you unable to look away. His experience with a variety of genres leads to a show that could be played differently every time, greatly influenced by his effervescent and hilarious personality performing.

The Flux Machine could be categorized as a classic revival American Rock band, and yet it seems that this title is incredibly limiting for such a uniquely crafted and metamorphic band. During the show, the band played songs ranging from crowd pleasing favorites like “Jack, Jim, and Johnny” which had everyone buzzing with excited energy, to slower ballads waxing poetic about love. The emotionally punctuated lyrics set to appropriate music created songs that were equally catchy as they were important statements about the bands experience individually.

Listeners were left bamboozled, curious about whether they had seen a musical performance, or a fleeting vision of the essence of rock music itself. The impressively crafted guitar rifts and drums rolls coalesced with strong and whimsical vocals- melding together as a band who fits perfectly would. The band graciously gifted each and every member of the audience with the vinyl pressing of their record as a remembrance for the CD release, and as a nod to their revivalist roots. Ultimately, without the frills of today’s notions of what music should be, The Flux Machine makes its home in the niche of what music ideally could be- an optimistic and impressive sound that none could hope to replicate.


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