I hope many of you listened to me and went to The Skins EP release party for their latest Still Sleep (Already a 2016 Favorite) at House Of Yes in Brooklyn. Any night at House Of Yes is a party, and it was funny to see some of the patrons surprised at the events taking place in the bar area (newbies lol). As they made their way into the stage area though they knew they were in the right place, a packed house of eager music lovers patiently waiting for The Skins to take the stage while thoroughly enjoying the openers. The crowd was as diverse as the band and their sound, and the energy in the room was tremendous. Just a group of humans united by music and having a great time. Although The Skins took the stage around 12:30am on a Thursday night, no one had any intentions of leaving and stayed through their entire high energy set.

They did have a backing track which I am usually strongly against, but having seen their performance it didn’t take anything away from their talents. Vocalists Bay Li and Kaya Nico both showcased their ability to actually sing, and the backing track was almost necessary to cover all the elements that exist in their music. The whole band put on a great show and you could tell how much they were enjoying the night. It was probably everything a band could want for their release party and they certainly deserved it. They set the bar high with Still Sleep but it’s exciting to see what they will create next, and I’m looking forward to spreading the word and introducing more and more people to this awesome band.


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