tiny deaths, the Minneapolis, MN and Brooklyn, NY based duo of vocalist Claire de Lune and producer Grant Cutler – debuted their new video for song “Ever” this morning, and the Nicholas Larkins Perez directed clip can also so be seen below. “Ever” is the first song released off of tiny deaths’ upcoming new EP, night flowers, which will be released on February 19th, 2016.

“We really wanted to focus more on imagery than narrative for this piece, to set a tone rather than tell a linear story,” says de Lune of the video. “I love the idea of contrasting delicate, beautiful things with an overall sense of melancholy, which is really what the song ‘Ever’ is about. It sounds light and airy but the song is about going into a relationship knowing it was doomed from the beginning. Nothing represents a relationship better than a flower to me, which is why that symbolism is all over not only this video but also the EP as a whole. The idea of something blossoming, but being impermanent–and how we are obsessed with trying to keep it alive instead of just finding the beauty in its impermanent nature, is a concept that really resonates with me and something I wanted to get across in the video.”

In combining de Lune’s background in R&B and Cutler’s more experimental electronica and ambient music leanings, tiny deaths have created a moody, dream pop sound that’s all their own. The night flowers EP is a lush yet ethereal four-song collection, ranging from the soaring undulations of opener “Ever” to the hypnotic “The Gardener;” from the soaring build of “Away” to the melancholic sweep of closer “Backwards.” The EP was written over the past year, with Cutler handling production in Brooklyn and de Lune writing and demoing in Minneapolis, and recorded at Minneapolis’ Human Win Studios. A full track listing is below.

After almost crossing paths time and time again, it was a chance meeting four years ago at an underground art loft show by Cutler’s former band in Minneapolis that sparked the symbiotic musical relationship that would become tiny deaths. “I stumbled upon the first song of their set and I was completely blown away,” de Lune recalls. “Grant’s style was just the kind of music I’ve been dying to make forever-I just didn’t know there was anyone in this city making it.”

That first chance encounter led to the sessions that would eventually become the group’s self-titled debut EP, released in 2014. Although Cutler had relocated to Brooklyn by the record’s completion, both members realized that they had created something special and continued to collaborate long-distance. The tiny deaths EP led to three U.S. tours in 2015 and numerous accolades, from outlets including Hilly Dilly, The Guardian, and the Minneapolis City Pages, among others.

night flowers EP track listing

1. Ever
2. The Gardener
3. Always
4. Backwards


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