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“Even toothless, something can still have a bite.” – This is an idea Ed Nash, frontman of his solo side project Toothless, found pretty captivating. The bass player from Bombay Bicycle Club is trading in his four strings for a guitar and microphone, and the result is awesome.

Their new EP, Palm’s, was released June 16th on Island/Rostrum Records, following the January release of their debut album, The Pace of the Passing. I was fortunate enough to get an early look at “Palm’s Backside,” a new music video featured on their recently filmed “Projection Sessions.” This particular video gives you more of an intimate look at the artist, as it fuses together the feel of a live performance along with the creativity and beautiful visuals of a music video.

“Palm’s Backside,” currently their most listened to track on Spotify, is a single from Toothless’ The Pace of the Passing debut album. It features an array of musical styles, as well as gorgeous accompanying vocals from Marika Hackman, a solo artist from Devon. The track begins feeling a little melancholy, especially after hearing the lyric “You look happier than we ever were.” The song picks up soon after the intro and becomes quite cheerful. The final line of the chorus, “I’ll find a new heart” gives hope that our protagonist will move on, accepting the loss and growing from the experience.

The video featured in the Projection Sessions has a great 90’s grunge feel to it, which definitely matches the vibe of the song. We see colorful projections of images casted on to the musicians as they play, lit by neon green and pink lights. It compliments the song really well, and also works on it’s own almost as a decoration; This is a video I can see playing in the background at a party, or in a bar.

Toothless is definitely worth checking out, whether you’re familiar with Nash’s former project or not. Their Projection Session video for “Palm’s Backside” gives you a feel for their sound and leaves you wanting more.


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Toothless "Palm's Backside"

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