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There are many reasons why people attend festivals. It could be for the mental escape at a getaway weekend, to see their favorite artists live, or just to block out one full weekend of strictly partying and sharing new memories with friends. As each individual has their own purpose for attending, the festivals themselves are constructed to invite their own vibe, create a particular culture, and attract suitable like-minded people.

Out of all festival options, a key difference in a “transformational festival” is that these events are constructed to not only entertain but to act as a open forum, a new world where each attendee is also a contributing source to the outcome of what the festival is and becomes. Transformational festivals are at their core gatherings to educate, share talents, provide encouraging energy, and stand for a greater good nurturing the Earth. These powerful roots are what affect people when they experience these types of festivals. With an environment wanting and curated to help you grow as an individual in just three to four days, is why these life changing adventures are best referred to as “transformational”.

Most people would think of Burning Man as the first of its kind. However, with the growing popularity of these festivals from the West Coast, transformational festivals are growing in variety, popping up in other beautiful forests, beaches, and coves across the world.

There is a magic in joining a world where everyone comes together with a common passion and purpose. And even though this world logistically is temporary, it leaves an impact on your soul opening your heart, mind, and eyes to a world where people encourage one another, help strangers for the group’s overall greater good, and nurture individuals to truly be authentic and learn how to express their true selves.

Everyone should experience this magic at least once in his or her lives… So, see if any of these selected top transformational festivals of North and Central America call you:



February 26 – March 1, 2015 | 
Rancho La Merced, Uvita, Costa Rica

Escape to the beautiful landscape on the Southern Pacific coast of Costa Rica to join a conscious collective of renowned artists, visionaries, yogis, dancers, and local and international talent. Explore the land while being educated and entertained by yoga and movement workshops, international musical performances set on the sand, excursions to waterfalls, and decorative and interactive art installations. Envision is a progressive gathering that brings an eco-conscious awareness to maintain the stunning environment through workshops, the practice of using bamboo and other raw materials, and by supporting the association, Community Carbon Trees.  Join the beautiful community and experience the “Pura Vida!” way of life.

Philosophy: “By bringing people together through music, art and sacred movement Envision presents opportunities to celebrate our spirits, heal our bodies and minds, and revitalize our souls to face the challenges and realize the opportunities of our rapidly changing world.”

Lineup Highlights: The Polish Ambassador, Groundation, Emancipator, Ott, Ken Jordan of The Crystal Method, Lumiaries, Mikey Lion




Lightning in a Bottle

May 21 – 25, 2015 | Bradley, California

Enter the world of LIB where you can interact with the community at the activity capital, The Lucent Temple of Consciousness, and explore the micro-environments of The Village that hold talks and lessons focused on earth based wisdom traditions and the skills necessary to be a sustainable community. With the range of worldly electronic music to spiritual gatherings, the environment allows you to explore your inner self and form communion with others. Education, energy, free water, and the importance of the ‘green report’ are the festival’s ethos, making a positive impact while you are having an unforgettable time.

Philosophy: “At LIB, we want to change lives. We want people to not only be inspired at the festival, but to leave and make a big difference at home in their communities.”

Lineup Highlights: Flume, SBTRKT, Odesza, Tycho, Wolf + Lamb, G Jones



May 30 – June 2, 2015 | A redwood forest near Mendocino, California

In a world that pleases all auditory and visionary senses, you are invited to discover the musical acts and live paintings that awaken the forest. Celebrate the community culture through art, dance, and nature, along with participating in workshops for sacred dance, yoga, storytelling, and relationship talks. The lines between reality and make-believe become blurred as you dance through the redwoods to sparkling lights and uniquely orchestrated beats… It is an enchanted forest, after all.

Philosophy: “Enchanted Forest allows us to redefine how we celebrate & emanate our great appreciation of life.”

Lineup Highlights: Desert Dwellers, The Human Experience, Living Light, Opiuo

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June 18 – 21, 2015 Bondville, VT
Held throughout the United States, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia*

Align your mind, body, and soul at some of the world’s most remarkable nature resorts. These Wanderlust getaways cultivate environments to focus on all yoga practices and to create memories of top global and local musical performances. With core principles to eat well, be green, practice purpose, create awareness, and showcase art, these festivals are for the seeking wanderers who are looking for a positive impact in their lives and also to experience ecstatic celebrations. Grow in your personal practice through waterside and mountaintop meditation, and form bonds through music while dancing in crowds with new friends. It’s an adventure people all around the world can go on.

Philosophy: “Wanderlust’s core mission is to create community around mindful living.”

Lineup Highlights (VT): Lee Fields & The Expressions, High & Mighty Brass Band!, SWELLS, DJ Drez (*Artists rotate and vary from each Wanderlust location)




Burning Man

Burning Man
August 30 – September 7 | Black Rock City Desert, Nevada

“A city in the desert. A culture of possibility. A network of dreamers and doers.”

Burning Man is on its own level. An empty desert becomes an exotic, thriving, self-sustaining, magical, international talent filled temporary metropolis dedicated to art, music, and community all by co-creation from each attendee. Mad scientists, costume designers, engineers, aerial performers, cooks, DJs, medics, friends and family fly and drive out from all over the globe to build their own world of community camps that all follow the Ten Principles for love, safety, and leaving no trace. Art installations and musicians’ exclusive sets are featured at Burning Man and never seen or heard again. Communities that grow out on the playa become ongoing institutions and organizations for the rest of society. What happens at Burning Man makes an impact in the “real” world. Every year is truly a once in a lifetime experience as you are what makes the experience.

Philosophy: “Rooted in the values expressed by the Ten Principles, this culture is manifested around the globe through art, communal effort, and innumerable individual acts of self-expression. To many, it is a way of life.”

Registration and Individual Tickets Start Feb 11th 



symbiosis gathering

September 17-20, 2015 | Woodward Reservoir Regional Park, Oakdale, California

Along a lake in California is a visual and audible circus stirring with dancers and acrobatic acts and global bass, house, trance, and gypsy beats. Explore four main stages, theatrical shows, and comedic performances. Align your chakras with yoga, dance classes, and inspirational workshops. Founded on the five R’s of ecological living, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Respect and Restore, Symbiosis brings together an eco-conscious collective with everyone playing a supportive role.

Philosophy: “Symbiosis intends to facilitate peak experiences through a synaesthesia of art, music, transformational learning, and sustainable living integrated into an unparalleled extravaganza of fun beneath the starry skies.”

Lineup Highlights: TBD



Experience. Share. Learn. Collaborate. Love.


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