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UMI Goes On An Inner Journey On New Track “Introspection”


UMI Goes On An Inner Journey On New Track “Introspection”
Photo By Spencer Middleton

Rising Japanese-African-American artist UMI has shared her latest single “Introspection.” The song is the title track and first offering from her forthcoming EP Introspection out June 21. Alongside the EP, a visual accompaniment is slated to arrive with more details to come from the singer soon.

Introspection offers a softened R&B track, swaddled by the sweet and soulful vocals as the singer finds herself navigating a pathway to inner reflection. Listen to the ruminative track below:


“Introspection is a look into my mind, how my brain sounds :)” UMI says. “Now more than ever, we are being asked to go within. I created this project with the intention to evoke Introspection, both in myself and in the listener. Introspection is a reflection of my inner journey over the past year, embodying my growth. I’ve never been more honest in my writing, and the sonics of the project are a reflection of me, all of me. ~my hope is that this project can bring healing~ With Gratitude, umi :)”

The new track is a continuation of standout music out out by the singer this year. It Follows two standalone singles “Mother,” released on Earth Day and celebrates the connectivity of Mother Nature and “Picture Perfect.” Her EP Introspection will be her follow up to debut Interlude, which was released in 2018.

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