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I have recently been on a quest to document all the music from the early to mid-1990’s in one playlist. On this virtual adventure I, of course, saw a lot of Dee-Lite and Jamiroquai videos.  There was a lot of groovy inspired fashion that captured the curiosity of the masses. UNIF reminds me of this time with their techno and colorful looks.

Women’s wear brings the club kid, 90’s vibe with striped tops and sweaters, funky graphic tees, mock turtlenecks in zany prints and colors. Mini dresses, skirts and rompers with an athletic but feminine silhouettes give the wearer a casual look with a feminine aesthetic. Wide-leg jeans, boot-leg pants and striped track pants can be paired with their cropped tanks and tees. They’re definitely bringing the old-school looks with mini track shorts and skorts. For those that remember skorts they are the beautiful marriage of a skirt and shorts. Perfect for summer! In the colder months, pair these separates with bomber jackets, faux-fur coats and denim jackets. The also offer one and two piece bathing suits as well as sporty intimates in solid colors and rainbow, stripy looks.

Men’s looks only offer tops, jackets and accessories but that doesn’t mean they don’t have plenty to choose from. The looks are simpler in design but just as colorful with graphic tees and hoodies, sweatshirts and tanks. Bomber jackets and parkas are also offered along with cool caps and colorful socks.

Accessories and shoes are a lot of fun. Flowers, smiley faces, platform boots and multi-colored sneakers are featured for footwear. Mini-backpacks, oversized cat-eye sunglasses and other colorful swag are among the accessories. I adore the platform Hella Jellys and the Moxie boots that would make Lady Miss Kier squeal in dee-lite (sorry I had to).

UNIF offers a youthful, retro vibe that creates nostalgia for decades past but also relevant for those who want to recreate these colorful looks and keep the 90s alive.


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