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There’s no better time than the present, while you’re likely on the heels of an Independence Day bbq-induced food coma, or in the middle of a visit in the ER to reattach a digit you misplaced while putting on your neighborhood’s best fireworks display, to introduce you to the U.S. Americans.


I got the privilege to catch them this past Saturday at the Highline Ballroom in Lower Manhattan in what was sort of an early showtime of 7:30 p.m. As a life-long, on and off pro wrestling geek, the Americans had me from the word go as vocalist Jeff Weiss proudly hoisted a United States Championship belt overhead and outward toward the audience.

U.S. Americans Highlark

In terms of performance, Weiss’ voice and flamboyant gestures were enchanting and, not to be outdone, the instrumentals were so well done that I took for granted how good they were. To sweeten the pot, bite-sized Kit-Kat bars made their way from the stage into the waiting hands of concert-goers who didn’t need any more incentive to love America.

I’ll just go ahead and speak for everyone in attendance when I say I am really happy I got to see this band. The U.S. Americans are ready for their next stage and, whether they provide candy or not, these baby-faced champs should be over with any crowd.


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