White Lung Hungry Highlark


White Lung is a Canadian punk band that was formed in 2006. Nearly a decade and several albums later, the female-led band still manages to keep things fresh and move in a slightly new direction. “Hungry”, one of the band’s latest releases, is a song that goes far deeper than what would appear on the surface. The song is a part of the group’s impending and exciting May 6th release of their album Paradise. The music video for “Hungry” is simultaneously artistically challenging and captivating.

Centered around a pin-up style woman who seemingly has a food fetish, the truth behind the situation is slowly revealed. Food, serving as a substitute for attention for a severely malnourished starlet, takes center stage. This concept unfurls beautifully through the use of gaudy and shocking edible imagery intertwined with a reappearing haunting reflection that taunts our young lead. The subliminal message takes on one of the most pressing issues in young adults- starving for attention and seeking it in alternative ways. Subtle allusions to Paradise occur throughout in the form of brands of food, advertising, and even the name of the motel, which lends an authentic touch to the scenes.

The unforgiving lyrics of the song leave no room for interpretation, calling out “Baby, you’re weak, baby, you’re starving” as the anthem for a damaged, yet beautiful cause. Lead singer Mish Way croons out delicately throughout the song, projecting her unique set of vocal skills over the non-stop rhythm of the rowdy song.

The band succeeds at keeping their song unfettered by industry nonsense. Instead, it is infused with pure showmanship of skill and love for art. The instrumentals remain true to the punk roots of the band. The sultry baseline adds an unexpected depth to this song which creates an interesting variety of layers, while the guitar lays on some seriously melodic tones to this song. The guitar in a way, actually acts like a second voice due to its standout nature. All in all, this band has progressed pleasingly, and this song is no different. The music video alone could entice you into the value of White Lung, but when you add in the societal meaning of the song “Hungry” and the quality of the music you have a perfect trifecta.


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