White Lung Secret Show Highlark


Have you ever got a party invite that you had to keep to yourself? One where not even your best friend could know about it? If you haven’t don’t worry, it doesn’t happen a whole lot and you’re not alone. This was the kind of thing that only comes along every so often. The kind of thing that every hard-luck lead in an ’80s coming-of-age comedy spent his days dreaming about. But unlike that lovable loser, you’re in luck.


White Lung put on a secret show (Presented by Google Play Music and Milk Jamroom) in front of an invite-only audience who’d only received the location and notification less than 24 hours in advance. Upon arrival, it was just a matter of meeting at a side entrance, heading down a corridor, around a few corners, down some stairs, through some folks, and we were in there. Once inside, the energy went from a buzz, to a readiness, to a bang, like *that* (you didn’t see it but I snapped my fingers).

Immediately we were surrounded by violent rhythms, a charged, angry vocal, and a relentless gut-punch of drum and guitar which would set the tone for things ahead. Head-banging and moshing were really the only appropriate reply and, for a moment, it seemed like everybody was bound to be taken down in the frenzy. Phones, cameras and flashing lights could be seen rows deep (if you had the time or space to turn your head) as White Lung pushed the pace song after song.

On stage they played beneath boiler pipes dressed in holiday lights and beside others with these strange green maple leaves hanging from them. It was sweaty, it was loud, it was pounding, the ground was covered with the liquid from who knows how many alcoholic beverages, in other words, Yes.

So, even though your best friend (that’s us) was invited to the party, and ended up going without you (sorry about that), AND got *this* close to the band (for research), we took pictures and were thinking of you the entire time. Oh, and before I forget, shout out to the guy I’m going to call “pinball” for getting the front row in the mood to break something. I don’t know if they were reacting to your energy out of self-defense or because it was contagious, but thank you for the material for the sweet bonus videos you can find at our Snapchat.


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White Lung Secret Show Highlark

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