White Reaper Middle Of America Highlark

“Middle of America”, by Louisville band White Reaper is both frenetic and entirely melodic thanks to its classic punk structure. It dips and climbs, led by singer/guitarist Tony Esposito, who’s voice is big, belting and coated in Splenda; in other words, perfect for pop rock irony. With Ryan Hater’s keyboard sprinkled throughout, “Middle of America,” adopts a youthful frenzy, and like a carnival song for cynical carnival-goers, it makes you move whether you like it or not. It has that ‘get up and get the hell out of here’ mentality, a good choice for teenage bedroom headbangers and anyone who has ever felt a little smothered.

As a garage band from, quite literally, middle America, White Reaper’s four members recorded the song as part of their “Treehouse Sessions” series. Released on Infinity Cat Records, it also shares a 7 inch with fellow up and comers Daddy Issues. The sessions follow two studio albums from the band, which is currently on tour in the U.S. The White Reaper discography is for the airwaves- pulsing and memorable- but not in such a way that it exists solely for the pleasure of the masses. Rhythm is calculated, never skipping a beat, never missing a primal scream when there is a need for one, yet the standard songwriting structure doesn’t generalize White Reaper’s style- it only amplifies their classic appeal.


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