Wilson Hang With The Devil Highlark


“Hang With the Devil,” by Detroit rock band Wilson is a loaded reflection on the power of lure. Underlined by a heavy, choppy guitar riff and Chad Nicefield’s reverberating vocals, the song is classic in its badassery. It’s for pool halls, harley meetups and summer night bandshell shows, a fast track dealing with the ever-present, satanous spectacle of temptation. My first thought upon hearing the intro was Motley Crüe’s “Kickstart My Heart” with Rob Zombie filling in for Vince.

To understand what drives Wilson one has to understand where they’re coming from. As a Detroit band, they embody a blue- collar background, the genuinity of which seeps into their lyrical content and their grinding instrumentals. Stumbling across opportunities and holding on to them, the band is stepping into a hard rock scene thought long-dead, a platform that will hopefully snowball into a revival of American rock n’ roll. Wilson’s latest album, the one that features “Hanging With the Devil,” is called Right to Rise, and really stresses a melodic element, making it an easy listen that’s still too pounding to become background buzz. Wilson’s embarking on a European tour in February, and will be back playing in the U.S. in April.


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