It’s been 20 years since their self titled record often referred to as “the blue album” was released. This is the record most people know them from, myself included. Truth be told I wasn’t completely sold until I saw them live. The craziest thing about it is that many of their most popular live songs come from their first 2 albums before 311, Music and Grassroots.

I remember picking up those 2 albums after my first time seeing them live and familiarizing myself with the songs. The Chad Sexton drum solo during “Applied Science” and P-Nut’s bass solo in “Feel So Good” after vocalists Nick Hexum and SA Martinez shout the words “Yo P-Nut, beat that thing!” has been cornerstones at every 311 show.

311 rolled onto stage to a thunderous crowd, which you can hear in our live video of the song they kicked off their show with, “Perfect Mistake”, a hard hitting track off of their otherwise reggae heavy new record Mosaic. 27 years into their career, 311 continues to be a true live band, a band that absolutely must be seen live. The band is on the road through August in support of Mosaic, so make sure you catch them when their come to your town!

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311 Live

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