Winter Fashion Tips


Alright boys and girls, this being my second year dealing with cold weather I had to learn how to keep warm quick or else, hypothermia, duh. Winter is a time for a range of uncomfortable body temperatures to come about at any moment, so I’m here to help you navigate through the season with some of my Winter Fashion Tips.

Winter Fashion Tips


I prefer wearing several layers instead of wearing one thick one. You can wear an undershirt, a long sleeve shirt, a t-shirt, a jacket and then your coat. This allows you to control your body temp to make you most comfortable. If you get to a restaurant and you’re starting to feel kinda hot you can easily take off your coat, jacket, and t-shirt and you are back at a comfortable room temperature instead of a sweaty mess. And once you’re done eating and about to venture off into the cold, dark winter, you can just put them layers back on and you’re set. I find this also fits the body better so you’re able to show off your figure instead of just hiding it under a really thick sweater.


Mesh is sexy and its currently in style which is a plus. What I really like about it is that the fabric adds a textured element to your look. Guys and girls alike can wear a mesh long sleeve shirt under a tee or button up and it bumps up your look. If you want to go out at night but your top is short sleeve, you can wear a mesh long sleeve under it or even over it, both shirts can be seen, you’re not freezing all night and you still look good. You can easily wear any colored long sleeve under it for that extra warm layer and contrast of color.


Who said you can’t wear dresses in the winter?? I have this blue, short-sleeve duster dress that I love wearing and I didn’t wanna put it away for the whole winter season so I got black leggings and a black long sleeve shirt and wore it underneath. It looked like I was wearing a full body suit under it, it made the blue pop out, and I wasn’t freezing. If you can find a long sleeve/full leg body suit, it could easily be worn with any style of dress you may have. And if you don’t, you should try the leggings and long sleeve idea. They don’t have to be the same color it could easily work with a white or colored long sleeve shirt as well. If you wanna add another layer, you can wear a white or black long sleeve with a fitted t-shirt on top, then with the dress over that.

You can see celebrity fashionistas like Kim K and Rihanna sport the shirt under their dress so to change it to better meet your mid-winter needs, try the long sleeve shirt and leggings under your dress.


I’m not really into the winter hat thing so I tend to keep it slick with baseball caps believe it or not. For some reason beanies do not sit on my head well and it makes the top of my head look like a deformed nipple. SO yeah, no beanies for me. Plus it gives way worse hat head than a cap.

Beware of wind, however, if you have the cap on straight with the bill facing forward, wind can easily blow your swaggy cap off your poor head and you’re out money, you’re cold, winds still blowin’ ‘atcha, and you don’t look as cool :(. So if it’s a really windy day, either keep your head down so the wind blows it down onto your head instead of off it, turn it around so the velcro closure is above your eyes or hold the cap onto your head. Just ask Jessa Kae.


Tights with knee high socks over them looks cute and adds another layer component. My friend showed me this trick and she says its great for going out. You can wear them with sneakers and boots. If the knee high look doesn’t exactly work for an outfit, I roll them down to make them shorter, and in turn, it makes them thicker, hence, warmer around the ankles. They have really nice ones at Uniqlo with their HeatTech technology and for a decent price if you wanna check ‘em out and get a pair.


Scarves are cute and you can tie them around the handles of your purse once you have arrived at your destination, creating a unique accent detail and ya don’t gotta put it thru coatcheck. So, win win. Scarves cover your neck and I like to cover the bottom half of my face to avoid the wind chills and these are the perfect accessory to take with you wherever you need to go. Useful and trendy.


Yes, black is classic, boy, do I know it. I love it, it’s in my top 5 fave colors. BUT I do think people tend to wear it too much! Yes, it is the winter season where dark colors are prided in, and they’re impossible to stain, but when you’re walking down the street and you see almost everyone wearing such dark tones it really doesn’t hurt to try add some vibrant pops of colors! Why not give black’s best friend, white, some of that winter spotlight? And adding some colorful pieces to your outfit could help you stand out as well as boost your spirits.

I actually really like wearing monotone outfits. Same color shoes, pants/skirt, shirt, the works.

The easiest colors I personally tend do this with is blue, white, and green. I don’t know why I happen to have every clothing piece in these colors in my closet, pure chance I suppose. But it looks cool. Blue is easier to start with, I’m sure most of us own a pair of blue jeans and a blue shirt. Shoes and accessories are usually a free for all but it definitely makes a statement if you can keep it as monotone as you can. Even if the tones don’t exactly match, i’ve noticed that it doesn’t really matter, its not like you’re trying to pair black shoes and a brown belt, more like, sky blue and baby blue; same color, different tone. And when I wear all white, I avoid drinking coffee because for me white is a magnet for spills and stains, but that’s just me.


These babies SAVED my life. My mom’s been grinding on that Amazon Prime game and she sent me hand warmers in bulk. Who knew they also have ones you can stick in your shoes to warm your toes?

I personally like HotHands. Through an exothermic reaction with the salt, carbon, powdered iron, water mixed in with a bunch of other chemicals and good things being exposed to air, it heats up and stays hot for up to 8 hours. And since your hands and feet are the most sensitive to the cold, these are the optimal places you wanna warm up to keep the rest of ya super warm. I’ve found that if my hands and feet are warm, I’m straight chilling. And not in the thermal sense, I mean I’m good and I don’t have to worry about persistently wearing 37 layers of clothing.

On a day or night out you just open a pack and put one in each of your coat pockets and/or in your shoes and you will be toasty for a solid 8 hours.

I’m also not a fan of gloves, I feel restricted and they’re annoying to have to repeatedly take off in order to carry things or reach into your wallet to “tip your barista” or whatever, so the hand warmers work great. I mean, with or without gloves we tend to keep our hands in our pockets anyways. Plus the hand warmers get really warm instead of just trying to trap in the heat of your hands with gloves. So gloves 0, hand warmers 3.

Follow these simple tips to look good and keep your little piggies warm this winter!


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