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In a recent interview we did with The Bouncing Souls, they told us they would be releasing a new song and video on inauguration day that would express their feelings on events leading up to the election. Turns out the song means more now than it did when they were writing it. The thing I loved about punk music growing up is the optimism of it even when the song is about bad times. This still holds true with “Battleground” and in the music video for the song, where fists of all colors rise up along with signs that read “Love Is Our True Right.” Being optimistic doesn’t mean that you are not concerned or you are taking things lightly, it just means that you know we will get through this, because we will.

The band goes into more detail about this song in an interview with CLRVYNT, where singer Greg Attonito mentions that the most important thing is for people to “WAKE THE FUCK UP.”

I believe a shift in consciousness is priority one. The sooner people become aware that our government has been hijacked and that we have been living in a social and political environment, intentionally designed to control us through fear, the better.

I have to agree, but I also see that the media enables and perpetuates this fear in a bad way. People share and retweet posts on social media without having read the article. They share memes and stats without researching and fact checking themselves. There are plenty of stats which are outdated, memes that are factually incorrect. To assume a source is true just because it comes from “your side” is simply naive. To assume the left only tells the truth because the right creates “alternative facts” is completely gullible. To just regurgitate news headlines is not enough, read it first, in fact, read what the other side says too. How many articles did you see shared this past week on the Flint water crisis? Which by the way is still an issue although some news sources say it is resolved. It’s important to take action, but I also see the danger in how easily the majority of the country can be directed. It’s quite possibly the worst thing the media does, it turns real issues into trends and gives society tunnel vision.

The Bouncing Souls will donate all proceeds to the Indigenous Environmental Network, so you can show your support by purchasing “Battlegrounds” here. Wake up, do something, and most of all stay optimistic and love, because love is our true right!


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The Bouncing Souls Battleground