Sizzy Rocket




Sizzy Rocket‘s roots in Las Vegas, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Brooklyn breed a brash but grounded sound. “Girls to the Front,” an ode to Kathleen Hanna, was dropped in late July on Sizzy’s surprise mixtape, aptly titled Hot Summer. “Girls to the Front” is short, sweet, smart, an undoubtedly sexy. Chock full of Ginger Spice-esque girl power, “Girls to the Front” makes me want to grab a babe and beeline to the edge of the stage to lose our shit with Sizzy.




“Grey Morning” will have you feeling blissful in the melancholy of greyer days. Foxtrax, the NYC homegrown but now LA based band achieve a level of contrasting sounds through somber lyricism and an upbeat tempo that beautifully fuse together to create this catchy track. Another added bonus is their use of more classical instruments like violins and cellos, that have added just the right amount of dimension to their sound without sounding overly classical. For those days you seem to find yourself a little groggy and lost in life, this is the perfect song to stroll along to to lift yourself into a brighter side of a grey morning.



“Technology” hits hard from the very beginning. What makes Don Broco so special is their bizarre mix of pop and rock. This specific track is slightly bipolar, as it switches from one style to the other, and it just works so well. It’s metal with 80’s glam rock overtones. Technology is a very fun single that shows the direction DON BRONCO is heading. Much like the title of the song, their sound is always changing and getting better. They won’t, however, be obsolete In a year.



There are some songs that every time you hear them you fall more and more in love with them. When I first heard The Tallest Man on Earth‘s “Love Is All” in 2010 I knew it was one of those songs. Since then, every time I listen a great sense of peace, of calmness comes over me. I will even go as far to say it rivals one of my other all time favorite songs Bob Dylan‘s “Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right” as one of the greatest songs I’ve ever heard (that I can listen to over and over and never get sick of). Of course when The Tallest Man on Earth re-released “Love Is All” with yMusic and announced a couple shows in New York City this September I had to include this timeless, breathtaking, sentimental and impassioned song as my pick this week.


“Sorry” has a pretty heartbreaking introduction, with Conor Mason‘s great vocals adding beauty to the anguish. Nothing But Thieves, a band from Southend-on-Sea in Essex, return from the Success they had from their self-titled 2015 release. If you’re a fan of NBT, “Sorry” will be right up your alley, and the simple riff of the track will definitely hook new listeners. The song slowly builds, and while the overall tone is melancholy, you do get a glimpse of hope at the song’s close. You won’t be sorry you gave this track a listen.



“Don’t Bring Me Roses” is the soundtrack to your next drive down PCH or walk up 5th Ave to blow off steam about that former special someone. Kilo Tango front-woman, Katie Mitchell, is a badass bubblegum beach babe who isn’t afraid to put a dumb boy in his place. The sound is reminiscent of a flickering neon sign; electric and intoxicating, while the lyrics are no-nonsense and straightforward, making for a gripping track you’ll want to blast and break a sweat dancing to.



“Girlfriend” is a track where surf rock meets bubble gum pop. Just as you lean into one genre the lyricism, chords and riffs will have you second guessing all previous notions held. Its simple yet extremely catchy, cute yet very edgy; all at once. This band has truly created music for those spirits, mine included, that can’t always decide if were feeling a little more catchy pop or garage rock. *Repeat Repeat* is here to enter the scene to declare that you no longer have to choose between music, simply just enjoy it. Editor Note: Against my better judgement towards relationships, this song also makes me really want a boyfriend just so we can duet to this together on a sunset drive in LA.

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