Aaron Horkey‘s art is what I like to call a “head-turner” which simply means that if your eye sees it, you will stop and take a closer look. Aaron is an illustrator from Minnesota who is well known for his graphic design and typography work using posters as the main medium.

Aaron’s style is so distinct you can probably pick it out wherever you see it. It’s very difficult to be so distinct and yet have the ability to produce so many different types of work. I believe Aaron is able to do this because of the insane amount of detail he puts into every piece. I love the color schemes he uses which are different with every illustration. Generally he selects a minimal amount of main colors but uses many different shades of those colors to create subtle gradients. He has a masterful understanding of shadows which help create amazing depth and textures, giving his art almost a 3-D quality.

I was initially surprised how little there was on the internet on who Aaron is exactly. He seems like the type of guy who just wants to create art for his clients and his projects making any other knowledge of him irrelevant. It makes sense that he is represented by a great agency like Jacky Winter who can handle everything while Aaron does his thing. Even his bio on the agency site is quirky and shrouded in mystery. I totally respect an artist that keeps it simple like that. You’ll be able to find some interviews with Aaron though if you’re really interested in learning more about him. Anyway, as always check out the links below to see more of Aaron’s dope art!


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