I often snoop around the internet looking for great art and artists. There are plenty of amazing artists out there but it’s rare and exciting when something really catches my attention. This was true with the art of Mr Go. I was browsing through the This Is A Limited Edition website few weeks ago and saw an image of a black and white skull boy prying his head open while colorful birds and butterflies burst out from his head. Turns out it was an illustration by Mr Go titled A Lesson in Mind Expansion: Part 2 as seen in the gallery below.

The concept is certainly great, but there are a lot of elements to this that I like. First there is the juxtaposition of the black and white background and main character against the bright colorful birds and butterflies. This image clearly leaves you with a positive impression but there is a hint of darkness which makes it even better for me. If I said a skull opening his head you probably would think of a more morbid image, but he makes it fun by drawing it almost manga-esque. The shapes of the birds and butterflies however are very true-to-form and accurate. I love all the details including parts that look like outlines of a sketch that were not erased.

Most of his art falls under the photorealism and surrealism category, but I really enjoy the variety in his work. The only thing that seems truly consistent is that blend of dark and humorous but beyond that his imagination is endless. Mr Go is also an amazing graphic designer and photographer, truly incredible talent.

I know that you will all go to This Is A Limited Edition and browse for a Mr Go print to buy because they’re awesome, but you may be bummed out when you realize that A Lesson in Mind Expansion: Part 2 is all sold out. I’ll tell you guys a secret though, currently there are 2 editions of the print available from Mr Go‘s print shop. I can’t guarantee they will be available by the time this post goes up but it’s worth a try. I just ordered A Lesson in Mind Expansion: Part 1 because I happen to like that one a little more. Anyway, enjoy his gallery and check out the links below for more Mr Go.

[+] MR GO

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