I’m super stoked to share with you today’s Rock pick by one of my favorite bands, Brand New. After almost 6 years since their last album Daisy, they released a new song in April 2015 called “Mene”, which was available to download for free on the band’s website for a limited time. What I love most about this band is their progression over the years and how each album has a different sound which represents where they were musically at that point in time, and is not dictated by the pressures of their label unlike most other bands.

Their debut album Your Favorite Weapon on Triple Crown Records had that raw emo-punk sound, whereas their last two albums were much darker and experimental. They have always played by their own rules and released music on their own terms. However, backed by an extremely loyal fan base, this band never becomes irrelevant and no matter how long their hiatus lasts, they continue to sell out every one of their shows.


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