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It is with good reason that Brooklyn publishing company Afterlife‘s first volume, an edition of 1000 is already sold out in the states. Afterlife Vol. 1 features two giants in the tattoo game Chris O’Donnell and Grime, and is a must have for artists of all disciplines and fans of tattoo culture.

There is good news though, Lucky Supply Europe who is the exclusive European distributor of the book has some copies left and is currently shipping to the U.S.! You can order the book here.

Afterlife was conceived by tattoo artist Zac Scheinbaum who currently works out of Kings Avenue Tattoo‘s NYC location. Being an artist himself, Zac delivers an authentic product that provides valuable insight into the minds of two great artists.

Its 400 pages are comprised of photos of both artists’ work from line drawings (some of which are printed on semi-transparent vellum paper) to finished tattoos as well as personal photos and polaroids with family, pets and friends in the artists’ daily environments.

I felt that if I wasn’t happy in a situation it was within my control to change that.

– Chris O’Donnell

The extensive collection of images are accompanied by an interview conducted by Zac himself. The entire book reads like a documentary, covering everything from childhood and upbringing, to how they got to where they are now with detailed accounts that reveal their artistic process as well as general outlook on life.

The sincerity of the dialogue between Zac and the artists is one of the highlights of Afterlife Vol. 1. In one instance Zac recollects something Chris said to him when they worked together at Saved Tattoo that majorly influenced his career as a tattoo artist. In another, Grime suggests they go grab some food and finish the interview at his studio afterward. It’s organic, raw and uncut.

I can’t change what the person feels about, I can just change how I react to that, that’s all I can do, so who cares, I don’t care.

– Grime

Ultimately, Afterlife accomplishes what it set out to do- create a volume with high focus on art and philosophy, give something back to the tattoo world and create something the featured artists would be proud to be a part of.

Rumor has it that Afterlife Vol. 2 is already in the works and will feature Chris Garver and Horitomo! Make sure you follow Afterlife and be up to date on all the latest!


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