Bryce Vine Drew Barrymore



Bryce Vine just dropped his official music video for his latest track “Drew Barrymore” today and we couldn’t help but wonder what inspired this song and who it may be about.

With women’s empowerment in full swing, Bryce delivers the type of tune and message that is much needed especially coming from a man.

I wanted to write a song that was not focused on (someone’s) looks.

– Bryce Vine

Bryce Vine Drew Barrymore

Bryce also lays down some great advice on how men should treat a lady. We’ve become accustomed to romantic songs which are really only about physical attraction but “Drew Barrymore” reminds us that we all need to let our significant others know we appreciate the qualities they have that make them a great person.

Who said chivalry is dead?


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  1. Although I truly like this song and it’s not just because the song is catchy as hell. The video as well, arguably adds just as much to the song’s sexually inciting lyrics. What puzzles me about this up-and-coming (in the main stream worlds attention but long-time underground artistry scene) artist, is how in the world this song is supposed to empower woman. Supposedly, Bryce Vine didn’t want to write a song that focused on a woman’s physical looks or attributes. I guess instead, he would rather everyone in the real world just ignore the obvious fact that this entire song is about F@#KING all night and day. Apparently, this ordinary woman he’s shagging non-stop is either just as naive as her libido, or perhaps she really is just as beautiful and talented as the actual Drew Barrymore. After-all 99.9% of the world’s population does stop doing everything that’s important in their life, just to fornicate at all hours with an average ordinary person, to whom they only have a tiny amount of physical attraction with. Of course this newfound engorged attraction of his has little to nothing to do with her looks but instead more on the fact the woman is DTF all the time. As lustrous and long-lasting as those relationships last, I’m positive the fictitious hybrid romance will be steadfast all the way into that couples golden years. Again I’m not knocking this song, I/we all could only be so lucky as to find this run-of-the-mill f-buddy and the stay together for the rest of our lives, humping like rabbits until our humble abode falls down to the way-side.
    In my opinion, this entire song is pure lyrical genius. Whether or not all the lyrics were intended to be 100% chalk-full of sexual innuendo, some of the wording smacks you in the face and grabs you, springing the more astute listener to attention. My personal favorite set in the song comes in the first verse, ” With nothin’ but your nights on-Keep the fuckin’ lights on-Same again tomorrow-We don’t need no bottle-Purple colored lip gloss-Room with the saguaro-Ain’t nowhere I would rather be-Right between your holidays-Coffee on the flint stone-Jewelry on the ottoman.” Now I’ve asked several friends and couples I know, what exactly do you think Bryce meant by that verse? In almost every case, their responses ranged from completely obvious to the more obscure. My take from all of it was that Ol-Bryce is on a level of kink I could only aspire to achieve and dream of finding in a amicable female companion. Here goes, the entire relationship is based on their nightly sex Ka paids, (aka woman of the night.) to whom he wants to see it all because he’s payin, which of course he would like to do again the next night, no booze/little blue pill needed, they meet at the same hotel with the cactus on the wall/palm springs or whatever, I can only come holidays cuz your expensive so I have work all the damn time to afford you. I’ve been told coffee on the Flintstone has nothing to do with coffee, but rather- now work with me here, coffee being a dark liquid and flinstone being tan not white like quartz is. Dark liquid on a hard as a rock member, or so i’m told because he is tan. Lastly, the jewelry on the ottoman isn’t diamonds, but rather the pearl necklace he gave or literally his jewels that originated from his coin purse, which of course ended up on the furniture, bcuz after all it is a hotel and better there than his furniture.

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