new music vol 21


[+] After the Storm By Kali Uchis ft. Tyler, the Creator & Bootsy Collins

This song is just super groovy and sexy. It makes you optimistic during tough times. If you’re feeling low, and need a pick me up, put this on and it’ll have you feeling better in no time. The video is as colorful as the song’s vibes, so if you have a chance, make sure to check it out too.

[+] Punto Sin Retorno By Vetusta Morla

Theres a real magic to be found when a band has the ability to be as sonically entrancing acoustically, as when they’re all plugged in; and once you find them you and your playlist shouldn’t let them go. Bridging a classic style of alternative with the modern experimental aspect of electric chords and progressions, the band hailing from Spain is just one of those gems. The band recently released a stripped down, acoustic version of their single “Punto Sin Retorno” off their recently released album Mismo Sintio, Distinto Lugar and has been my recent go-to for the perfect
track to unwind too.

[+] Till Tomorrow Goes Away By Cut Worms

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Max Clarke’s charming retro style shines through in “Till Tomorrow Goes Away,” a rather lighthearted, slow-tempo, rockabilly-esque track, the first to follow his 2017 debut EP Alien Sunset, released under the name Cut Worms on Jagjaguwar Records. “It’s all just a ruse, like a trick some fool has played,” croons Clarke on the subject of lost love.


[+] Mulholland By Sizzy Rocket

With each project she releases, Sizzy Rocket reinvents herself while maintaining her aura as an ahead-of-her-time pop queen. “Mulholland” is a sadistic dream featuring her gritty falsetto, low octave tones, and the ability to pen encapsulating music in the midst of loss, thus proving there is life within. The EP is distinctly Los Angeles in its slow tempo and flashes of expensive cars gunning it on Mulholland, white outfits, bleached hair, blue swimming pools, and pink libations melting into a smoggy sunset.

[+] El Farsante (Remix) By Ozuna ft Romeo Santos

This is the song that a fuckboi dedicates to someone whose worth he realizes after fucking up one too many times. You shouldn’t fuck with people that don’t recognize your value from the get-go, but if Romeo Santos and Ozuna were the fuckbois asking for forgiveness, I might contemplate it. They make heartbreak so tragically romantic. Plus, with Valentine’s season among us, any one that’s been burned by a fuckboi has a song to pretend dedicate to themselves while they sooth their sad liddo hearts with those discounted chocolates and some pizza they bought with their own coin.

[+] I Hope You’re Happy By Blue October

Blue October is back! “I Hope You’re Happy” is their first single since 2016’s Home album. If you’re a fan of Blue October, this track doesn’t disappoint. Since their 2006 breakout album, Foiled, they’ve mastered the melancholy/fun sound. These are songs that manage to be both heartbreaking yet uplifting, with insanely catchy verses, and “I Hope You’re Happy” is no different.


[+] In a Year of 13 Moons By Current Joys

The third single from Current Joys’ upcoming album A Different Age, “In a Year of 13 Moons” is a raw, contemplative ballad, wrought with emotion. “There’s something outside this room/and I can get out, but I can’t get through.” With each line he lays over bold acoustic strums, Nicholas Rattigan reveals the ramblings of a haunted heart. A Different Age is set for release on March 2nd via Danger Collective.


[+] No More Time By flor

So, let me start out by saying that I love flor. They could be classified as indie/new wave/alt/pop rock. Singer Zach Grace has a beautiful voice which adds so much emotion and vibrance to the music. “no more time” is a bonus track from their debut LP come out. you’re hiding. Like much of the album, this song is atmospheric and infectious. Once It’s over you’ll be hitting rewind to listen again. You need to listen to “no more time” and you also need to be listening to flor.


 Cover Photo © Jeanette Diaz. All Rights Reserved.

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