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For those of you fortunate enough to have been stuck on a layover in the Baltimore International Airport on November 25th, you’ve already heard Animal Collective’s upcoming album, Painting With, in its entirety. The rest of us will have to wait until February 2016 to hear the whole thing, but the eclectic, 4-piece experimental rock group was kind enough to release a single off the upcoming album to tied us over.

The track, “ FloriDada ” released November 30th is marked by AnCo’s signature op-driven vocal harmonies and catchy up-tempo beat. The title and lyrics refer to the “Dada”-ist art movement of the early 20th century which gave rise to the collage artform; the lyrics juxtapose differing ideas and places all together throughout the song in a sort of collage within the song. The enthusiastic call and response verses are punctuated by the repetitive and catchy choruses, with a self-referential bridge commenting on its own existence within the pop song (‘Where is the bridge that’s gonna take me home?[…]A bridge that someone’s paying for’).

This release should be enough to get any AnCo fans excited for the upcoming album, and encourage some fans to join them on their just-announced world tour kicking off on February 19th.

**Click on the ‘PLAY’ button overlay on the featured image above to check out ” FloriDada “


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