Sarah Joncas Highlark Feature

The feminine identity is a many faceted creation, constantly revealing more about its nature as it develops. This is where Sarah Joncas, a young artist hailing from Toronto, Canada comes in. Touting an impressive Bachelors in Fine Arts from The Ontario College of Arts and Design, this artist found her voice through creative mediums at a young age. In her artist’s statement Joncas claims that she focuses her art on the basis that everything is connected, and has used her works as a channel for not only worldly issues, but those more personal as well. She draws her current inspiration from 20th century movement such as expressionism and the Frankfurt school, and uses symbolism in her work to tell a story. Sarah Joncas is a conscious artist, creating art not just to create, but to entertain, to inform, and to enlighten.

Most pieces of art are meant to be viewed individually or as part of a collection of other similar pieces, but somehow Joncas transcends that. Although each of her work is clearly individual, when viewed more completely as a collection they appear to morph into an entirely different entity- perhaps that of a mural. The repetitive nature of her motifs, such as fishbowls, plugs, and roses makes it clear that the pieces are meant to form one fluid narrative, giving the artwork a life of its own.

The pieces themselves are those usually representative of females- ranging from hyper realistic to obviously surreal all without skipping a beat. Ranging from gothic Lolita, to pinup, to modern professional, each girl seemingly appears as a character study, her story intricately detailed in the form of the masterful hand of Joncas. The palate of colors used generally focuses on cooler, more dark tones, which leave the audience feeling still somewhat separated from the narrative at play. This is a very interesting juxtaposition- detailed and inviting pictures of girls draw you in, but the actual piece itself keeps you at a distance.

The use of detail within these pieces is also very telling. The artist keeps each piece uncluttered by outside forces, instead choosing to utilize a laser focus upon the character she is depicting. This highlights Joncas’ technical proficiency in a serious way, a nod to her degree. Another tip off to the artist’s know-how of her medium is the way she uses light and dark in her piece, carefully diminishing or exacerbating each part of a piece to create the ultimate mood.

Sarah Joncas is a testament to mastering a specific style and dominating with it. Her organic, yet meticulous works are aesthetically pleasing for all- and yet still manage to work their way into your thoughts in a deeper way. The pieces the artist makes move beyond a typical work- by becoming more powerful and imaginative things and crossing the border between a piece of art and a piece of life.


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