The latest single to be released from LA-based psychedelic rocker Antoine Diligent ’s upcoming sophomore album, La Forma, “Chissà Perché” is a vast number burning steadily in reflection of the cosmic question, “Who knows why?” or “I wonder why,” as the title translates from Italian. Well-suited to either an expansive journey or an afternoon of technicolor daydreams, “Chissà Perché” is lively and meditative, an inquiry and an end. “Who knows why anything is anything? / If they said so, they’d be guessing…”

The jam that takes place in the latter half of the song (with drumming by Diligent’s long-time friend Joe Seiders of The New Pornographers) seems the epitome of nostalgia-informed goodness lacking from today’s mainstream radio channels. While Diligent admits he is “always after something that feels somewhat classic,” he is careful to clarify, “I don’t mean ‘old,’ I mean layered and made for aging and repeated listens,” citing The Beatles’ “Sun King,” Pink Floyd’s Meddle, and Crosby, Stills & Nash among his influences for the track.

With its complex yet palatable instrumental blend, “Chissà Perché” shines, a modern classic for the right reasons among a scene inflated with misdirected attempts at anachronism. Accounting also for its themes exploring why, a word and an eternally boundless thought, “timeless” does not seem so far-reaching an adjective to describe the song’s feeling. “It’s about everything and nothing,” remarks Diligent. “The elements that make up life itself.”

“Chissà Perché” is available for streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, Deezer, etc.


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