Best Israeli Designers



Think fashion is the sole prerogative of Europe and America? Well, think again. The Israeli fashion industry is thriving, and, boosted by Tel Aviv Fashion Week, designers from the Land of Milk and Honey are re-inventing the rules of the game. Watch out, world,  Israelis are the new stylish kids on the block – and you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on these four brands.

Best Israeli Designers


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What did you first think of when you found out this article was about Israel? Probably a whole lot of shameful clichés you’d be embarrassed to admit. The whole idea behind Holy Land Civilians is to dive right into these clichés and turn them around- by transforming them into fashion statements.

As a result, a sleek line of casual and sportswear essentials (tee-shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, shorts, maxi dresses) emblazoned with logos that would make your Sunday school teacher blush (we love the “Hallelujah” dress and “Holy Spirit” bomber). The simple cuts are complemented by a muted color palette (black, white, neutrals reminding of the Yeezy aesthetic), leaving the holier-than-thou graphics to do all the talking. And the best part? Holy Land Civilians now has free shipping worldwide on its e-shop. Amen to that.


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Hili Ari comes from the contracted names of Hili and Ari, two independent designers based in Tel Aviv. Using “art as a necessity, and fashion as a mode”, they express their vision through clean-cut, androgynous collections whose complexity resides in an extremely straightforward, no-fuss approach to design.

Coupled with an almost exclusively bi-chromatic color palette (they rarely deviate from black or white), the resulting aesthetic, dark and edgy, conveys a strong New York City vibe – Alexander Wang immediately comes to mind. It may come as no surprise for designers who describe their work as “borderline between classic vibe and urban edge”.

Through this simplicity, the body is glorified, magnified, free to unapologetically be itself. Hili and Ari pay great attention to quality, from the materials and crafts to the smallest details. It is transcribed in their fluid tees and tank tops, dresses that fit the body like a glove, and perfectly cut jackets and shirts – all of which are available on their e-shop.

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Founded by a trio of Shenkar graduates (yes, the same Shenkar that gave the world Alber Elbaz), Tres is an apparel brand with one motto: to help women feel beautiful and confident. And with its feminine silhouette, flattering shapes and expertly-tailored designs,it is hard to see how it could be otherwise.

The creators have perfected the art of making clothes that are both a liberation and a celebration of the female body, through an expert balancing of fluidity and structure. Classics like the maxi dress, the tailored shirt or the trench coat, are revisited and given a more modern edge.

For the color palette, a lot of neutrals, black white and blue convey elegance and timelessness, although the brand does not shy away from more playful elements like stripes, graphics and the use of lamé. In this season’s nautical-themed collection (available on the brand’s e-shop) well-placed cuts, structured waists and plays on asymmetry do the trick, adding a sexier element to the brand’s signature fluid pieces.


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Keren Wolf is well known as one of Israel’s top jewelry and accessory designers. Her creations are frequently spotted on celebrities at galas and red carpets, but she mostly owes her fame to her luxurious bridal collections. Yet, that is only one facet of her dreamy, ethereal universe, accessible to every romantic soul through her e-shop. Each of Wolf’s pieces carries a unique vintage flair, one that makes a statement while conveying sophistication and elegance.

From the delicate necklaces and wrist-wraps adorned with stars and leaves, to the maxi rings emblazoned with colorful stones or the regal-looking headpieces; from the beautifully classic to the unexpected (hello, lip jewelry), there is in Wolf’s creations something for women of every style and sensibility. Hence, it’s never been easier to find that one jewelry piece that will upgrade the simplest of outfits and give you confidence by making you feel bold, but never, ever without class.