Bianca Romero Highlark
Sounds In Bloom


Bianca Romero‘s identity as a multidisciplinary artist is all about the interactions- human to human, human to environment, and all the nuances in between. Conceptually, her work walks a spectrum mimicking her upbringing, which included the opposing energies of the Lower East Side and suburban Connecticut. It’s all about the connections, and Bianca lets her creative vision seep into nearly everything she does, leading to a constant exchange of influences and perspectives. Her mediums of choice are print collage and paint, which she pairs to simultaneously produce an improbable harmony amid contrast and contradiction.

Bianca Romero Highlark
Something To Say

Among the neons, Bianca’s pieces unfold into portraits of urban life, highlighted by gritty brushstrokes, bold value, and angled composition. A large portion of her work focuses on the human face and its ability to morph into various tones and fill the silence. The collage aspect incorporates mostly print, building on the idea of communication between artist and audience; the words physically create something entirely different, and the question is, is their original purpose lost or simply amplified? Bianca doesn’t hesitate to put florals against loud pattern work, letting the shapes fall into a sort of engineered mayhem. This same chaotic element, though, is the glue that brings each piece together emotionally, and provides the backbone for its message. Complexity is inherent to the city. Her color palette, though, speaks to all sides of such an identity, sometimes trading the vibrance for something more muted, allowing the image to simply exist in awareness, as city folk do from time to time; stopping in the eye of the hurricane, one lets the rush continue circling around but takes a moment to honor the inner peace that makes it all happen. Bianca expresses these changes of pace in her depictions of the human form, both explicitly and not, to bring us her personal understanding of the way certain things come together to construct and evolve.

Bianca Romero Highlark
Sights In Bloom

The perspectives mentioned above, and her ability to organize and alter what makes sense point to Bianca’s background in event marketing, branding and production which make up the bulk of her professional career. Her record includes marketing campaigns at the SXSW festival, and her own experiential marking venture, Defiant Entertainment. She is currently employed by the video streaming platform Livestream, and continues to produce personal artwork as well. Her lengthy experience with the consumer is reflected in her imagery and subject matter; the primary goal, after all, is to reach whomever opens themselves up to her work. There is an underlying web that links her work to her own experiences, and the experiences of others, which she uses to interpret the multi- faceted relationships that forge identity and individuality as much as they do community.

Bianca Romero Highlark
Thoughts In Bloom

Bianca channels her versatility visually, through a changing aesthetic, but also on certain level of abstraction, making her portfolio a highly interpretive, interactive body of work. It’s an exploration that spans from the depths of the human condition to the sheer physicality of our surroundings, all while maintaining the subtleties that mark her images as a reflection of her life.


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Bianca Romero Highlark
Lights, Camera, Action


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