Oxymorrons I Feel Better Highlark


A lovely day it is in Los Angeles, where I now reside, and now since my cardboard box has wifi I can bring you some recommendations, this time from the good guys of the Oxymorrons. The demi-gods of Queens have a blessing waiting in the wings in the form of a tape coming out in the near future, Complex But Basic and we have the first single called “I Feel Better.”

I spoke in detail to the rock/hip-hop group in an interview I conducted between the Oxymorrons’ vocalists Deee [Demi] and K.I.[Kami] so any information about the meaning of their names, their usage of masks, anime preferences or unique creative process can be found there.

“I Feel Better” makes me feel great about the upcoming album which will be their biggest release to date. When we first spoke, the duo let me know that their music refuses to be be held down into one specific category or feel the need to be overly one-sided. Although this track would be categorized as a rock song 9/9 times, the majority of their songs vary between the realms of rock and hip-hop, for those still hung up over genres. This catchy tune starts with a easygoing drum solo and a few mellow background noises setting the cool atmosphere. The rest of the band comes in to create this laid back yet optimistic sound.

The words begin, speaking somberly about troubling circumstances, a feeling of utter hopelessness as many without direction would feel. Then as the title might give away, it becomes a feel good song, saying that along with the aid of our maker and a muse/substance they escape the darkness and depression around them. Their realistic outlook and wanting to sometimes escape and at least pretend this is an ideal world really speaks to me as it should with many whom dislike their surroundings. The beat is as simple as it needs to be without being monotonous. Towards the end they kick it up a few notches while playing the chorus and ‘medical solution.’ A reflective ode to escaping the earthly realm spiritually, a song to smoke to, something that is medically legal in California. The message isn’t that smoking solves problems, but it speaks to why certain individuals would prefer to have their “mind on the numeral nine, like I’m a flying nimbus” as told by the Gemini K.I. Whatever you turn to in order to find peace, whether it’s a hobby or medicine, always utilize it correctly and safely or come to California and pick yourself up a medical card.

“The world just keeps on turning, what is left for me, the building keeps on burning, what a sight to see.”

I’ll let the music speak for itself.



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