Bishop Briggs Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg


Steve Madden Music‘s concert series brought Bishop Briggs to Brooklyn, where she performed to a sold out crowd at Music Hall of Williamsburg.

Every time Bishop performs, she puts her all into it and the audience inevitably feels a little bit of her soul. It’s this unique ability that has connected so many to her music.

Bishop Briggs Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

She played all the tracks from Bishop Briggs EP, which was part of our Best Albums of 2017 (So Far) list we published early July. With 2017 coming to a close, it’s safe to say this record is still one of my favorites of the year.

Bishop told the crowd that releasing new music is like giving birth to a baby and that her latest single “Dream” is her baby. The audience roared and one particular fan screamed out “We love your baby!”

Bishop Briggs Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

She also introduced some new tracks including a cover of the song “Never Tear Us Apart” by INXS, a track that is a part of the soundtrack for the upcoming film Fifty Shades Freed.

The biggest treat of the night though was when she sang a brand new unreleased song “White Flag”, an anthem where she promises never to quit and that she’ll never raise her white flag. Before the song Bishop reminisced of the days where she sang to 3 people at a bar, dreaming that one day her view from the stage would look something like what she is seeing now. It’s an inspiring track for all those that give their life chasing their dreams and a reminder to never give up.

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Bishop Briggs Live at Music Hall of Williamsburg

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