Bleached Sour Candy Highlark


While listening to “Sour Candy” by Bleached (off of their recent release Welcome The Worms), I immediately started to feel nostalgic of my reckless/experimental years; a time where everything mattered so much while managing to mean so little in a never ending rebellion against authority. This outfit is dedicated to that time in every girl’s life, where you start to discover all the opportunities and misfortunes this world has to offer.

The “Too High To Care” (Skinny Bitch Apparel) white halter top sets the perfect tone for this look. The type of shirt that takes little to no effort to put on and is best worn without a bra, yeah that kind of shirt! Paired with the “Born To Break Hearts” (Gypsy Warrior) shorts, making the union of these two pieces oh-so aesthetically pleasing! Layered on top is a totally badass dragon kimono (Dope), reminiscent of a young Cherie Currie of The Runaways while on their tour of Japan.

For accessories I chose to keep it black and simple, with the exception of the pink bubblegum purse of course. The “Liquid Sarcasm” (Nasty Gal) crossbody bag is fun and bright, adding just the right amount of playfulness to this look. The other accessories include the “Tie Me Up” (Gypsy Warrior) sleek/chic faux suede choker with tassels on each end and “Lovechild Sunnies” (Gypsy Warrior) in matte black with a cat eyes construction. Last but certainly not least is the most important piece in every girls outfit, the shoes! These shoes are the unicorn of all shoes! The Jem boot (Nasty Gal) features a black velvet body with pink, purple, green, and gold holographic stars. The kind of shoe that can bring a smile to any girl that’s been ‘”giving in, into giving up.”

To achieve this look with some alternatives pair your sassiest halter top with a pair of your best distressed shorts with raw edge bottoms. Layer with an oversize kimono, baseball tee, or cardigan to give you your desired level of bad-assery. Accessorize lightly but playfully and bring the whole look together with your favorite personal pair of unicorn shoes!

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