Motley Collections



“Motley is a mood. Motley is a feeling. Motley is a way of life,” reads the About Us section of the Motley Collections website. Allie Baker, an alumni of the University of Houston with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, created the nine-month-old brand as an alternative to corporate and boutique retail outlets, a highly curated source from which shoppers can then create their own identity. The thought and care Baker embeds into her shop ensures each customer leaves with a completely one-of-a-kind purchase. Oh yeah–and Baker also teaches Special Education “on the side.”

Motley Collections offers contemporary as well as vintage wares, but Baker has ensured that the entire collection is on-trend. From sports jerseys and graphic tees to silk tanks and off-the shoulder bodysuits to studded and bell-bottomed jeans and old-school Levi’s, you’re sure to find a gem–all at a reasonable price.

As well as contributing to environmental preservation through giving vintage clothing new life, Motley Collections helps animals in need. Throughout the month of June, Motley Collections will donate a percentage of its sales to Jamie’s Animal Rescue, a Texas-based, non-profit animal welfare organization. Cute clothes saving cute animals? We’re all for it.

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