I was first introduced to the music of Dinho Almeida, Benke Ferraz, Raphael Vaz and Ynaiã Bethroldo via a friends swift mention that, knowing my borderline obsession with all things Brazil, I needed to listen to a group of four guys making killer modern music highly infused with Brazilian roots. Since my first listen, I have never been more thankful for someone’s unsolicited music recommendation.

In an age where bands have been increasingly seeking out the sounds of experimental psych-rock, the band from Goiânia, Brazil can enlist themselves along some of the greatest in the genre of modern day with the surprise release of their third studio album. While they consistently fall under the umbrella of a sound that is ultimately familiar, experiencing their new LP or live show will radiate their unique individuality that pushes the boundaries of experimental and distinguishes them beyond the rest.

The Brasileiros have effortlessly infused the sonic influence and inspiration of their homeland that are rich in the traditions of Tropicalismo; a genre in which sought to push the frontiers of experimentalist rock during the 1960s counter culture. While the sound might not be an exact match, it is the ethos in which Boogarins have executed their music in dedication to their unique psyche that pay homage to their cultural roots. Their electronic beats, guitar riffs and transcendent lyricism excitedly varies from track to track leaving you with a sound that cannot be contained to checked boxes and a spirit that transcends limitations.

Consequently, since their conception their music has never remained static and continues to embrace a growing and changing nature of the band, which serves as an ultimate strength. Especially on the latest release in which incorporates the inclusion of drummer Ynaiã, who brought a more hip hop repertoire to the fusion, alongside introduction to heavier electronic sounds. Boogarins never seem to focus on the limitations of their given or branded sound, but continuously explore and push the frontiers into new rhythms and lyricism. With only one song in english, the purposeful choice of Dinho Almeidas sole use of Portuguese is like the icing a top the layers of depth and dimension to the dynamic experience at play.

We were lucky enough to get to catch the Boogarins at The Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles as they began their tour of their latest LP Lá Vem a Morte. The venue in the Downtown area of the city was comfortably filled with attendees awaiting the ethereal artists of the night, which began with opening band JJUUJJUU,.

As a first live performance personally, I was amazed beyond compare and the vibes that surrounded me easily let me know I was not alone in the feeling. A sound that is much more experience than music; the spacey, transcendent vibe rang throughout their set. One that can truly only be summed up an described as an instantaneous trip. The lead singer, Phil Pirrone, is no stranger to being another pioneer in the eXploration of experimental rock as he is also the creator of the psychedelic festival Desert Daze. This years line up alone shines through to his capabilities of highlighting the best in modern day psych rock, including the chance to catch his own project, JJUUJJUU, live.

Boogarins followed the set; and they were truly everything that was expected of the bandmates. The onstage presence of the quartet is sensational as the playful, yet professional ambiance radiates from a longstanding relationship as friends. Their down to earth characters also reflected in their mid song banters with the crowd in impressive English and a few comical exchanges here and there in Portuguese. Their overall presence combined with their melodies are a transcendent experience that taps into the psyche of the human experience unknown.

Boogarins are wrapping up their North American tour with their final dates on the East Coast. If you’re in New York be absolutely sure to catch their final homecoming show at Union Pool in their US based home of Brooklyn. Until then, be sure to give their latest LP Lá Vem a Morte a spin.


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// Tour Dates

6/27/17 | Tampa, FL | New World Brewery

6/29/17 | Charleston, SC | The Royal American

6/30/17 | Durham, NC | Motorco Music Hall

7/1/17 | Washington, DC | Songbyrd

7/3/17 | Toronto, ON | The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

7/4/17 | Montreal, QC | Divan Orange

7/5/17 | Burlington, VT | Artsriot

7/6/17 | Allston, MA | Great Scott

7/7/17 | Philadelphia, PA | Boot & Saddle

7/8/17 | Brooklyn, NY | Union Pool

Photos © Jeanette Diaz. All Rights Reserved.

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