Every bad guy has an arch nemesis, and in the case of punk bandits Masked Intruder, the law is their enemy and that law has a name; Officer Jackson Bradford. Officer Bradford accompanies the band on tour and on stage making sure the Intruders don’t pull a fast one (Check out Officer Bradford on Instagram//Twitter).

It’s easy to write off Masked Intruder, the punk band comprised of Intruder Blue, Yellow, Green and Red as a gimmick band but the truth is that they’re simply a great band. I’m not denying the fact that they’re “gimmick” is a part of their appeal, but it’s hard work to stay masked and in character at all times and they certainly do put on an fun, entertaining show, comprised of hilarious in-between song banter that can hold its own at any comedy club and melodically humorous punk rock that’s tight and they even pull off on-key vocal harmonies live. This is definitely a band you should check out even if you’re not into punk. You’ll have fun I promise.


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Masked Intruder

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