A Tribe Called Quest We The People



It is undeniable that A Tribe Called Quest will go down in history as one of the best Hip-Hop groups of all time – timeless is the perfect word to describe their music, as they transcend generations, managing to stay relevant for over 2 decades with their socially conscious lyrics and laid back groovy flow. I chose “We The People….” because it is the most hard hitting and raw track on the entire album, which departs slightly from their quintessential jazz-funk-hiphop vibe.



If you’re a Spotify user, you’re probably aware of the new “Spotify Sessions: Singles” series that’s all over the “Browse” page. Some of the best musical artists have recorded both original tracks and cover songs in the Spotify Studios to be compiled into a playlist. The first release was a couple of weeks ago, and I’m still listening to the songs on repeat, but Andrew Bird‘s musical masterpiece “Green Wine” — a “re-imagined version of The Handsome Family‘s “So Much Wine” to the tune of the classic folk song “Greensleeves” — is probably my favorite tune on the list.



If you’re looking to tug at those sexy heartstrings of yours, this is the song you gotta listen to. Kali Uchis assists Daniel Caesar to set the stage for this slow jam. Her fluttery voice pairs nicely with his smooth serenade. This song is just all around sexy and romantic, it has a beat that can easily get you to sway from side to side, with lyrics that would make anyone melt if they were directed towards them.



From the same band who gave us much-loved and much-revered “Just Like Honey”, they are finally back with a new twist on their same distorted sound they helped create (shoegaze). Their first single from the upcoming studio album, Damage and Joy, is the first we’ve heard of them since 1998 – nearly two decades. Psychocandy fans are rejoicing everywhere and I am surely with them. There was a void in our hearts only The Jesus and Mary Chain could fill (and now we have new tunes to play in the background as we somberly look out our car window and pretend we’re in a Coppola film).



Justice has returned with their first studio LP in five years – and it has proven to be well worth the wait. The track “Stop” may seem like a drastic departure from their “D.A.N.C.E.” days, but the choir arrangements and slowed-down synth allow the soul of Justice to still shine through. The lyrics like “Livin’ with the future, we won’t have to give it up / Together” remind us that the French duo might be from the future themselves, and they sure as hell aren’t giving up on music anytime soon.



Kid Cudi‘s new album Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin dropped a month after its original date, and it was well worth the wait. A difficult year for the artist began with a disappointing release of his experimentally alternative fifth album, and rounded off with an honest declaration of his depression, suicidal tendencies and decision to check into rehab. While Cudi’s lyrics have always shone a light to darker sides of personal problems, this album is a powerful testament to his own journey with mental illness. The album envelopes a return back to his classic sounds and his fractioned personal life through the exploration of moody tracks, proving that Kid Cudi is back to a better state mentally, and his best state musically. With a beat that has you dancing and lyrics that have you celebrating finding your inner harmony, “By Design: featuring Andre Benjamin (aka Andre 3000) is easily a favorite track on the artist’s comeback release.



For years, Tehran-born Sevdaliza has been quietly redefining modern electronic music through her cerebral brand of soulful witch-pop. Her latest release, “Human”, delivers haunting and deeply-atmospheric vocals over an icy, seductive track. The effort is certainly one of the most disarming of the year, especially when paired with one of Sevdaliza’s signature surrealist music videos. “Human” teases a debut album that will surely be one of the most remarkable of 2017.



Brooklyn-based psych punk band Stuyedeyed dropped a fresh jam this week – and it’s sick. The frenetic “Mr. Policeman” will have you in a trance, headbanging wildly until you can no longer feel your face. Be careful not to get whiplash, but also make sure to listen to this banger of a track.


“Kick Jump Twist” is the second song off of singer-producer duo Sylvan Esso‘s new LP as they prepare for the release of their second album. Sylvan Esso exist in a place between genre—combining soul-folk-funk vocals with indie electronic beats to craft upbeat dance tracks hiding sweetly melancholy lyrics. Letting its simple synth beats grow into electronic pandemonium, “Kick Jump Twist” is the perfect middle of the week pick me up that you can’t help but jam to.



The Weekend and Future are back with another dark hit — after their early 2016 supernova “Low Life” detailed their rags to riches — in “All I Know” The Weeknd twists his bad reputation in his favor, to convince a woman to have sex without further expectations. Future joins the track in an antithetical verse, tackling his fear of heartbreak as he “keeps that trigger” bedside.

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