What’s so great about my job is being inspired and learning from the artists I talk to and their Stories. Sometimes, the lesson is very profound as in the case of singer/songwriter Marie Miller. Her 10 year old little sister Megan was born with down syndrome and is also a cancer survivor. Everyone who meets Megan is inspired by her strength, including Marie who has learned some very important life lessons from her sister.

We’re made to love and be loved. This is what life is. There’s no Grammys included in life.

Many of us complain about a lot of things in life, myself included. We feel unfulfilled or unhappy, when things aren’t going well, or we’re not where we want to be. We also compare ourselves to others who are more successful in whatever our fields are. Some of us feel envy, jealousy, anger and even hate. Marie goes through this too, but her sister Megan always brings her back to herself just with her smile. She taught Marie that life is not about winning, it’s about love and it takes two (at least). Art works the same way- It’s not about the artist’s ego and the recognition they get. If your art does not do anything positive for others, it is not serving it’s purpose. I have to agree with that.

We’re so much stronger than we think we are.

To hear about the resilience and strength of Megan, it makes me feel stupid about everything I stress about. I felt the love they have for each other just by talking to Marie, and even though I have never met Megan, she has inspired me and taught me so much. I know that this story will do the same for many others who are lucky enough to feel Megan’s love whether in person or through the stories that are told by the people she touches.


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Marie Miller This Side Of Paradise