Relationships are the primary theme for countless songs out there, but indie pop singer/songwriter Carrie Lane sings about “all the in between stuff.” She’s right. Most songs talk about the extremes of love, soaring-through-the-sky happiness or being insanely sad and angry. There are all the ups and downs in between that everyone experiences in relationships, and it’s easy to point the blame towards a former partner. For her new 4 song EP, she took the harder road, taking responsibility for some of her failed relationships.

Carrie recalls during Story XXI writing “Think About It” as she watched her relationship crumble, turning to alcohol to ease the pain. She gets extremely honest and personal as she tells her story of how she faced her inner demons by turning her pain into her art.

She admits initially working on some songs which were more what she thought people wanted to hear, but in reality disingenuous. She realized that the only way to make a connection and potentially help others is by being truthful, no matter how hard it can be.


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