Yves Tumor


A tall slender man wearing a skeleton mask over his head took the stage. A thin table towards the back of the stage was the only thing between the mysterious Yves Tumor and the anxious crowd. Soon it would no longer seem like a distant barrier. Within 5 seconds of turning on the industrial noise, he was in the crowd, singing in enchanting dissonance.

The occult alternative music figure was yelling random nothings into the ears of those who listened. The off-beat yet melodic backdrop served as the dark space Tumor and his crowd thrived on. He gave his body and soul into the performance, soaring above his crowd and rolling back onto the stage, literally.

Even as he began his set, his makeup was dripping off his face. A dark red lipstick matched his torn shirt, and smudged black eyeliner paired off with his streaky black and white pants along with several leather accessories adorned over the rest of his body. His performance was like none other I’ve heard, looped beats with loud, distorted and eerie sounds filled the packed Brooklyn nightclub.

The echoes of his voice encouraged the crowd around him to dive even deeper into the unorthodox ocean of sounds. It may have been other than normal, but it was evident the people related and relished in it.

As the audience cheered on, he continued to give himself to them, marching in and out of the crowd, standing directly over them on stage or flying above them when crowd surfing. His music leans towards the somewhat transcendental vibe. At one point he purposely put the mic next to the speaker creating a screeching feedback that nonetheless matched the style of music already playing.

His latest album Serpent Music embodies a series of tunes seemingly crafted to create a perfectly chill ambiance. Although at his live set one could hardly distinguish the transition from one song to the other, it was nonetheless an enjoyably raw experience. His hit, “The Feeling When You Walk Away,” is the perfect mix of noisy, groovy and relax. With soft background singing floating across a quicker paced guitar riff, Yves Tumor does a good job at entrancing those who listen.

Villain nightclub in Brooklyn was lucky to have Yves Tumor perform Friday night, he brought about something unique, with his torn clothing, messy makeup and shocking music. He used all the energy he had to create a unique and lively set. The grungy singer and his music are definitely something people should tune into. His fashion, his music and he himself were out of this world.


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Yves Tumor

Photos © Nicole Shapiro. All Rights Reserved.

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