Thrice Live



2012 was a sad year. Thrice announced an indefinite hiatus and a “possibly final” tour. Of course, I wasn’t able to make it to the New York City stop and it had been a regret of mine for a long time that I didn’t try harder to go.

The indefinite was actually quite short, and I was excited as anyone when they made an announcement about a new record To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere to be released in 2016. It was their best album to date and one of the best records of last year for sure.
Thrice Live

A tour was scheduled in support of TBEITN, and this time I made sure I was there front and center in the photo pit.

This year they released the song “Sea Change” on record store day, and hit the road once again with Deftones and Rise Against. I will never miss a chance to see these guys live ever and was so grateful to be able to shoot them again on the tour’s New York stop at Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, New York. They are truly one of the best bands to see live and captured the attention of the crowd, many who heard them for the first time that night.

“Sea Change” was part of a recent Highlark Jukebox Playlist, and Highlark writer John had this to say about the track.

“Sea Change,” a Shakespearean term meaning “metamorphosis” is the perfect song for Thrice. They’re a band who never allows their albums to be the same, and take chances to allow themselves to grow as musicians. I loved To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere and  “Sea Change” really feels like the missing piece to complete the album. It’s beautiful, it’s meaningful (very appropriate for the times as it’s most likely about climate change) and builds to a soaring finale. Absolutely worth a thousand listens.

Thrice Live


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