Thrice "Sea Change"



Off of Vince Staple‘s 2nd studio album, “Big Fish” is about the ways in which rap has changed Staples’ life. How far he has come, right? “Big Fish” is a different sound than his “Bag Bak” or other Staples’ hits and he told LA Weekly why: “If a photographer took the same picture over and over again, you’d call them crazy, right? If an architect built the same house, if a designer made the same clothes, if a painter made the same painting — we’d all discredit them.”

You have to respect a man who is willing to try something new. Lucky for Staples, this new shit is off the chain. Staples went on to tell LA Weekly, and we highly suggest you read the entire article, “All I can tell you is that it’s current. It’s tomorrow. It’s next Thursday. We making future music.” If this is the future of music, I cannot wait for it!



A four year wait has Arcade Fire fans celebrating the release of their new track “Everything Now” alongside an album release announcement that’s headed our way June 28. A longtime staple of indie rock, the group has proven once again that their acclaim and indie cred is well deserved. The new track is an infectious disco-esque track that was produced by members of Daft Punk and Pulp. Returning to the more relaxed, classic sound weve come to expect and love from Arcade Fire after their last album, the ultra danceable song will have you ready to spin their new album asap.



Mack Wilds, who just finished a lauded turn on Fox’s limited series Shots Fired is an exceedingly rare example of an actor that is equally talented in music. His second album, Afterhours flew under the radar when it was released in early April, which is a shame. Perhaps he gets lost in the Bryson TillerAugust AlsinaChris Brown trifecta of nu-R&B, or his lack of a label means radio is slow to catch up with his music. Whatever is to blame for his lack of recognition, he brings a sound that deserves to be heard.

AfterHours is an atmospheric and soulful exploration that continues his love for throwback soundscapes that were found on his debut release New York: A Love Story.  

On the standout track “Senses” Wilds is joined by another underrated artist (Tink) for a song that recalls the best of those Timbaland Bassment late 90’s slow jams that Aaliyah and Ginuwine built their careers on. AfterHours is a perfect soundtrack for late summer nights.



Want an uplifting song that addresses some of America’s deepest problems? “Black SpiderMan” in a odd way leaves you optimistic for the future. “Black SpiderMan” is a fun song to listen to and it’s even more fun to watch the video. Logic is a true poet and it’s time to listen to him. And yes, Spiderman should be Black. So should Superman. And in my opinion so should the President of the United States.



“Sea Change,” a Shakespearean term meaning “metamorphosis” is the perfect song for Thrice. They’re a band who never allows their albums to be the same, and take chances to allow themselves to grow as musicians. I loved To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere and  “Sea Change” really feels like the missing piece to complete the album. It’s beautiful, it’s meaningful (very appropriate for the times as it’s most likely about climate change) and builds to a soaring finale. Absolutely worth a thousand listens.



The Dubstep king of England returns with his newest single featuring vocals by Cammie Robinson. “Pull the Trigger” is a decline, however, from the intensity of his most recent face melting EP. Where the wubz may lack, the spacey vibes make up for it with crisp lyrics and a fun crescendo. Expect more diverse sounds moving forward as more singles release on Circus Records.



It’s summer: school is out, the weather is great, and freestyle season is back. But this track isn’t your ordinary goof-around improvisation. In “Gucci Link,” Chicago emcee Joey Purp takes Drake’s “Gyalchester,” and flexes all over it with masterful lyricism. The lines paint a picture of an all-around baller, decked out in Polo and Gucci, who flaunts and flirts his way to the top. The song is an absolute pleasure to listen to, especially for people who have been following Purp since his humble beginnings in Hyde Park. His gritty lyrics and smoky voice are stalwarts in all his music, but are especially fun here as he takes a very mediocre Drake song to the next level. Purp is an artist you’ll definitely be hearing a lot of in the future.



Northern California’s Cemetery Sun is a cool band because of their blend of formats. They’re part synth rock and part pop/alt rock. “Fake Love” is a lot of fun because it’s sound really defines the band, a spacey, dark sound that’s at the same time really fun. It’s sing-a-long chorus will have you dancing around and wanting more from this band who only has 6 songs on Spotify (all of which are great). Whenever they release an LP, based on this one song I know it’s going to be amazing.



Omaha’s funky reggae rockers return with their lead single “Too Much To Think,” just in time for summer. The track showcases the melodic side of guitarist and front man Nick Hexum as he sings “I want to get high, but you’re keeping me low.” While the band’s longevity has never been in doubt, innovating new sounds is the key to their growth and it’s felt start to finish. 311‘s new album Mosaic is set to release on June 23rd.



Our favorite Sheetz boys are back at it with their latest release. The Districts’ “If Before I Wake” joins “Ordinary Day” as another single from their upcoming album, Popular Manipulations. The refreshingly open and honest song was written by frontman Rob Grote “the morning after actually waking up during a storm that felt like it was right over [his] room,” as he stated in a press release. Heady guitar riffs and swirling synthesizers play under meaningful statements, my favorite among them, “Too blessed to be depressed”–something we can all easily lose sight of.

Popular Manipulations is set to be released via Fat Possum records on August 11.



St. Louis rapper Smino slows it down for this track off of his recent album, Blkswn. The song is a very smooth listen and tells the story of Smino looking, more or less, for a casual hookup. Over light background vocals and a smooth, reggae-like beat, he paints a picture of a beautiful girl whom he’s trying to wine (with Dusse cognac) and dine (with pizza). The sordid lyrics contrast with a happy instrumental and combine to create a funny but chill listening experience.

It’s kind of an instant classic.



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