It all started in 2013 when alt/indie rock band, Stop Light Observations released their first album, Radiation. The band went from relative unknowns to playing Bonnaroo and selling out Charleston’s largest club, The Music Farm, in just a year. Since then, Stop Light Observations have broken the record for most consecutive sold-out shows at The Music Farm and have toured across the country, playing standout festival sets at Firefly, Summerfest, and more.

Stop Light Observations

Following the successful release of Toogoodoo, and an ambitious year on the road in support, Stop Light Observations are poised to tackle their next major endeavor—an ongoing series of digital 45s, each with an A-side and B-side, entitled The Volume, which will disperse the band’s hard-hitting yet melodic songs in a more immediate fashion.

The Volume releases will ultimately be defined as a series—a voice for the voiceless. A podium for those who have yearned for the opportunity to share their own stories of struggle, passion, and love,” vocalist Will Blackburn explains.

Stop Light Observations

Volume 1 was more about Loss and longing for physical community and now Volume 2 explores the topics of how did we get here? Where did all of this come from? What is this reality we call Life? It tackles the spirit. The spiritual loss and longing for spiritual community.


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