CHAII Revisits Her Childhood In New Single + Visual For “Trouble”

Photo By Evan Xiao


Genre-bending artist CHAII has released her latest single and accompanying visuals today for Trouble.” On the frontiers of pushing a bold, creative vision, the Frank Keys-produced and self-directed visual is the third released in a trilogy of guerilla-style music videos set and filmed in Oman. The trinity together navigates an overarching storyline that delves into the childhood of the artist, encapsulating the stories and environments that surrounded her youth in Iran. It’s representative of themes from strength, having fun, and everything in between, all while having your friends and family close.

A magnetizing blend of southern-Iranian influenced drum beats intersect with fiery lyrical vocals culminating in a dance floor commanding commentary on millennial social pressures. Between impactful messages, playful rhythms and intriguing visuals; this artist is one to watch in this new world.

Photo By Evan Xiao

Her latest release “Trouble” marks potentially the most emotional vulnerable and personal of the series.

While catering to the theme of the trilogy, CHAI shares “…It was time to not only write a song about growing up in the Middle East but also show a glimpse of my childhood through a music video. Overall I aimed to keep the song and video light and fun, with deeper layers to it too.”

“I wanted to capture my life as a kid who grew up in Iran,” adds CHAII. “She does all the awesome activities I did as a kid in Iran: playing soccer in the streets, bike riding, walking by myself, listening to music on my cassette player, climbing trees, swimming in the river… Filming it was very surreal, like going back in a time capsule and revisiting my childhood. I wanted to simply show a glimpse of my childhood, who I was and who I grew to be. You just never know where you’ll end up in the world and what you’d be doing.”

Watch the stunning new video below!


“Trouble” follows her prior recent released videos for “Digebasse (ft. B Wise)” and “South,” her song that was featured by FENDI earlier this year. The triad productions were composed of a small crew made up of friends and cast of locals as extras serving as a brilliant introduction to the Persian rapper’s D.I.Y. ethos both sonically and visually.


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