Back in the day when all of my time was spent working on my band, I always loved hearing about how bands got to where they are. I wanted to know the details so that I can learn and implement anything that I didn’t know or haven’t tried. Story IX with Cheerleader is that kind of video. The band goes into detail about how they were discovered, how they met their manager and eventually their label Bright Antenna. I really enjoyed hearing their story since the music business has changed from when I was playing, but one thing hasn’t changed and probably never will. There will always be people in the industry from band to management to label and everyone in between that are driven by passion and their love of music. Of course there are wolves and snakes out there but hopefully this video will help some up and coming artists get on the right track.

Just gotta keep your chin up. If it’s important to you, it’s going to work out.


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