Chris Leib’s art treks across the vague dimension of time and space that the recesses of our mind creates from contorted images. There is a certain aesthetic and mental vagueness or haze to his work, that adds an unsettling yet provoking reaction within the audience. Definitively surreal, Leib invites us into his world of pop culture references (think A Clockwork Orange) and creates a warped image of the human race. There are strong parallels between our primate and modern race, challenging the audience to consider perhaps, progress of humans, similarities between the two, or lack thereof. Often, characters in Leib’s works appear as almost caricature-esque, with bulging teeth or eyes, to emphasize the prominence of abstract vision in his works.  

By using oil paint and sketches as some of his main techniques, Chris Leib is able to create a very organic type of art. Combined with the literal images he portrays, Leib creates a juxtaposition of ease of style with discomfort of material presented. The pieces are so fantastically horrifying, or outlandish, that at once, the audience is awestruck with talent unable to look away. Chris Leib’s works are able to capture the humanistic dark side of life, as well as contemplating human nature itself- just as interestingly and gorgeously malformed as the works themselves.


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