Iron Fist apparel visually emphasizes what it means to be young- to be sometimes disheveled, sometimes elegant, usually laughing at nothing in particular. An online brand with international reach, Iron Fist makes an array of original urban style accessible to those who are not afraid of attracting a few double takes.

The clothing is a medley of horror punk inspired- pattern and classic kawaii brightness. Keeping with the laid back feel, the baby doll dresses look just as comfortable as the harem pants, putting almost every piece in the casual category. Both the mens and women’s tops boast well- defined graphics, giving many a gritty collage look. The clothes are on the angsty side, but not in a pre-pubescent way. Employing faux bat wings and the infamous Care Bears, they embody the shameless nature that American youth is associated with.

Hailing from Los Angeles, California, but worn across the world, Iron Fist brings us mildly priced men’s and women’s apparel that pairs Halloween with cupcakes and art with comfort. If you are looking for something to become a staple of your closet and possibly your personality, check out



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