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Ready for some soul-searching and self-reflection? Then Coast Modern‘s nostalgic potpourri of perfectly imperfect electronica mixed with live instruments, for their second single called “Animals”, may be just what the doctor ordered. The two man outfit from L.A. has done a masterful job of bringing an earful of genres together that weave unobtrusively and meaningfully into a textured ditty that definitely requires a beach and a blanket for proper absorption.

Coleman Trapp and Luke Atlas are musically crafty and lyrically honest. Life is a mystery and everyone travels down a road unknown. Starting off with an evocative chorus of many a longing hearts, the song opens up to include everyone who’s dug into ‘rabbit holes’ once or twice in their earthly existence. The wistful strumming of the guitar that combines with distorted sounds of the synth moves blissfully to a reggae like rhythm. Things are slow enough to ponder on a few things. “It seems the more I know, the less I know” is the opener of this musical quest for self-understanding. There is an undercurrent of surf music, but it’s more like a conduit for the message that follows. Sometimes to know oneself is to let go oneself. The stripping down to the bare basics of existence culminates in the bridge that proclaims, gently yet convincingly, the simple truth: “Give it up, I was born an animal, I’ll be an animal till I die”.

And so it goes, like a compelling soundtrack to a movie about human survival, in the world where thoughts of mortals are intertwined with their animalistic instincts. Strangely and pleasantly, the entire piece is set to a meditative tempo of waves coming ashore. The intimate moment of reflection will ultimately find its home in a chilled out musical vessel of tranquility. Find your moment, for your vessel may be only one listen away.

P.S.  If you haven’t done so already, do check out Sonic’s recent interview with Coast Modern.  The group was also featured prominently on Highlark’s SXSW look out list.


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