Coheed And Cambria Island Highlark


Coheed and Cambria‘s recently released video for “Island,” is a sort of precursor to the upcoming Batman vs. Superman movie, pitting the two heroes against each other in true New York fashion. We catch glimpses of a working Batman through the door frames of his lonely Jersey apartment, and on to his equally lonely commute to Times Square. There, among the tourists and the steely-eyed natives, he mock fights a fellow costumer, Superman himself, for a twenty dollar bill. Some nights later, as he sits by himself, perched on one of Times Square’s quaint red folding chairs, he notices this particular Superman being pushed around by masked furries and comes to his rescue, wielding as much superpower as a mortal can muster. The video ends like the song does, screaming danger under a chorus of piping guitar riff from Travis Stevens and revved-up vocals from Claudio Sanchez.

The band is known for their affinity for everything comic related, and their take on the two heroes is kind of charming, as are the disarmingly honest yet playful lyrics to “Island.” Taking the classic protagonist vs. villain conflict, the song translates it into the an inevitable idleness of existence; a loneliness and restless nature brought on by an unchanging and empty set of walls. To put it simply, it’s a motivator, an acknowledgement of the deserted island that grounds so many of us in the course of our lives and the need to make it nothing more than a speck on the horizon.


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