Dope Couture Highlark

Dope Couture is a Fairfax, Los Angeles based clothing brand that is notable for its particularly famous following. One look inside of its monochromatic store lends an idea to the design of the brand, and why it has amassed such a cult following. The clean and understated pieces combine aesthetically pleasing street style with modern sensuality­ providing looks for both sexes. Dope could be categorized under the umbrella category of brands that are iconic for their image alone; one look at their highly stylized yet memorable logo leaves a lasting impression in your head. Additionally, there are no catches with this brand.

True to the name, Dope is simply put versatile yet classic looking clothes. What makes this brand even more appealing is its touches of luxury. Notably offering 24k gold on their men’s snapbacks and other apparel gives consumers a chance to dip their toes into the world of high fashion without paying the price. Followers of the brand have been dubbed the “bougiecrew”, a nod to old time French revolution days when the upper/middle class bourgeosie had a lasting impact. This is exactly the vibe that Dope gives off: prominently well designed clothes that appeal to many demographics of people.

The brand essentially sells itself­. Many famous rappers including Future, The Game, and Tyga rep the brand and this creates a cult following and high demand for these recognizable clothes. The women’s line is definitively fashion forward, and plays with several fun Japanese inspired pieces as well as classics in neutral colors to satisfy every need. Dope also has several accessory style items like rolling papers and candles for those who are true devotees. Whether dressing for comfort in their basics, or for a more impressive style, Dope is a name worthy brand that keeps customers coming back.


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